Tourbillon Strategic Investments

The fund is run by a team with over 30 years’ experience, spanning fund management, market making and trading across global equity markets with a focus on signals driven trading. The fund’s strategies can be broadly categorized into Long/Short Equity, Futures and Structured Trading Arbitrage.

Long/Short Equity, Futures and Structured Trading Arbitrage

Uncorrelated, liquid, low-risk hedged strategies

Unique technology: system quant screen generates highly accurate trading signals; allows robust monitoring of intraday moves and precise entry/exit points

  • Exchange Traded Product (ETP) domiciled in Ireland and listed on the Vienna Stock exchange. 

  • Target return: 10 % p.a., net of fees 

  • Minimum recommended holding period: 1 -2 years

  • Investment Currency: US-$

  • Liquidity: Weekly

  • Minimium investment: US$ 10,000; US$ 1,000 thereafter