Affordable & Clean Energy

Energy Storage Pty Ltd - Pumped Thermal Green Power & Storage

Founded in 2015 Energy Storage (ES) focuses on being one of the leading technology providers globally in heat transfer - pumped thermal energy storage and deployable base load clean zero emissions power. The firm’s vision is to harness unused energy and optimize it’s use – to provide energy solutions, meet market needs and to significantly improve our global climate.

Energy Storage Ltd considers its Phase Change Material (PCM) technology, together with its combination of known proven systems, to be a game changer when it comes to (electricity) cost savings in heat transfer and the delivery of base load storage and power, combined with renewable energy.

The firm supports green initiatives  and will significantly increase businesses and societies opportunities to launch new zero CO2-emission initiatives.

Fixed Coupon: 8.14% p.a., paid quarterly

Term: 5 years

Status: Senior secured

Listing: Frankfurt & Dublin

Altair Renewables

Altair Renewable Energy is an impact investment firm based in London. The team behind ARE has structured and fundraised in excess of £50m worth of renewable energy projects both in the UK and EU over the past five years. The directors of ARE also have significant experience in sourcing and managing a wide variety of investment opportunities outside of the renewable energy sector.

The firm has and will acquire, refurbish and operate already built biogas power plants in Slovenia.

Fixed Coupon: 12% p.a., paid semi-annually

Term: 4 years

Status: Senior secured, asset backet

Listing: none

Eco Energy World

The Eco Energy World (“EEW”) Group is an experienced Developer of Solar Photovoltaic Energy Installations. 

EEW is a developer and owner/operator of Solar PV assets, that has developed over 1,200 MW of projects globally since 2012. EEW are pioneers of merchant strategy which offers a turnkey investment proposition to institutional investors seeking exposure to the sector. EEW structures complete solar PV projects from initial land selection and acquisition through development up to and including operations and maintenance, including entering into long-term electricity offtake agreements.

Fixed Coupon: 8% p.a., paid quarterly

Term: 3 years

Status: Senior secured

Listing: Dublin

Neutral Fuels

Neutral Fuels pioneering strategy is based on a “city scale biofuel model” where local waste streams are converted in local premises into a fuel, which is used by the local transportation fleet. Neutral Fuels has been able to further capitalise on the growing importance of corporate sustainability goals by partnering with McDonald’s, Del Monte, Nestlé, Big Bus and other well-known international brands for the purchasing of the refined biodiesel. 

The company has designed and executed a novel oil collection system which uses a 100% recyclable, plastic used oil container, coupled with a cloud based data portal to track and trace every drop of used cooking oil used in the manufacture of biodiesel.

Fixed Coupon: 8.25%, paid quarterly

Term: 3 years

Status: Senior secured

Listing: Frankfurt Dublin

Credit Rating: Investment Grade BBB+