Carlton James Diversified Alpha Fund - DAF

Carlton James Group is a private investment group specializing in diversified portfolios across different global asset classes across varying jurisdictions, industries and economies.

DAF is a very different and a true non-market correlated alternative Multi-Asset Fund. The fund lends capital to different sectors such as Commercial Real Estate, Technology, Energy & Renewables, Sports, Media & Entertainment.

The fund is allocating capital to predictable, recession resistant and defensive sectors to help to protect investors capital from recession and volatility. 

True multi-asset allocation and continued portfolio balancing allows for strong none volatile performance, whilst maintaining ongoing liquidity in the fund.

Differentiation – a multi-asset fund quite different from others; typically lower risk, less volatile & less correlated compared to other more traditional multi-asset funds

At the core of the investment strategy, the layering methodology allows for the creation of a tried and tested approach that produces returns on a low to medium risk basis.

Target Asset Allocation:

Commercial Funding


Debt & Equitiy




Investment decisions are strictly controlled to manage risk and volatility whilst maximizing returns.

  • Target Return: 8% - 10% p.a. net of fees (including 8% p.a. dividend payment)

  • Currency: US$

  • Minimum Investment: US$ 20,000; GBP 15,000; thereafter US$ 10,000; GBP 5,000