Carlton James Diversified Alpha Fund - DAF

Carlton James Group is a private investment group specializing in diversified portfolios across different global asset classes across varying jurisdictions, industries and economies.

Decades of experience in the investment arena and in particular to invest in collateralized senior debt opportunities, producing a consistent investment return.

Differentiation – a multi-asset fund quite different from others; typically lower risk, less volatile & less correlated compared to other more traditional multi-asset funds

At the core of the investment strategy, the layering methodology allows for the creation of a tried and tested approach that produces returns on a low to medium risk basis.

First layer of the investment approach is the Core or “Delta” strategy.

Second layer of the investment approach is the Balanced segment.

Third layer is the diversified “Alpha” segment that will see the investment committee seek loan security and enhancements to their first and second layer.

  • Target Return: 8% - 10% p.a. net of fees (including 8% p.a. dividend payment

  • Currency: US$

  • Minimum Investment: US$ 20,000; GBP 15,000; thereafter US$ 10,000; GBP 5,000

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