Recycling, Circular Economy

Recyclus Group

Recyclus is structured as an ESG compliant, ethical, green business, for the clean recycling of tyres and batteries in the UK.

There is an opportunity to leverage next generation recycling technologies for current and nearby market commercialization by using technologies that are now beyond proof-of-concept to create circular economies, increase efficiencies and reduce the carbon footprints within these recycling industries. 

2020 will see Environmental Agency (EA)/Governmental regulatory clampdowns on the export of waste and waste storage in the UK, especially post Brexit, leading to an increased requirement for ethical, clean, waste recycling.

Recyclus will support the Governmental, regulatory, economic and social agendas for a cleaner and better environment to live using a scalable business model to maximize the margins of upcycled materials in both batteries and tires.

Fixed Coupon: 7.75%, paid quarterly

Term: 18 month

Status: Senior secured debt

Listing: Frankfurt