Hermione Fund

Hermione Fund SPC is a London based investment company. The fund was launched with the aim of blending the idea sourcing, due diligence, assetmanagement and asset raising skill-sets possessed by the investment advisory team. It combines this extensive investment experience with a creative vision, rigorous approach, robust risk management, and comprehensive industry connections in order to offer investors a differentiated fund with a distinct competitive edge and a unique return profile.

Wellresearched, conviction-led, differentiated and diversified investment opportunities which blend fixed returns with the potential for significant capital uplift. Liquid via 10 % Cash & 10 % FTSE allocation

Fixed Income and Equity Investments in special situations, Pre-IPO and IPO opportunities. Sector focus: mining, energy, renewable energy, real estate securitized lending and disruptive technologies

Low correlation to traditional equity markets. Max. 30 % investment to any asset class. Max. 20 % investment to any individual holding.

Multi-layer Approach; Fully diversified portfolio

  • Monthly Liquidity; no lock-in period

  • Target Return: 7% - 10% p.a. net of fees

  • Minimum Investment: US$ 100,000 (US$, EUR & GBP

  • Investment Horizon: 3-5 years