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Manager Selection 
In-House Investment Solutions
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For over 5 years, the mission of RML Advisory as an independent investment advisor and  third-party marketer has been to bridge the gap between the most promising fund managers and professional/institutional capital seeking to make high quality investments. 


We achieve this goal by carrying out active fund search and research and selecting and promoting international fund managers who match our general investment philosophy and the requirements of our clients.


We search for managers who offer first-class active investment management and develop long-term partnerships. The focus is on strategies and managers who can generate true alpha and typically are not correlated with long-only beta strategies.


We believe that most investors benefit from largely undiscovered, independent investment talent that work exclusively in the interest of their investors and deliver distinctive, superior risk-adjusted returns.


Services for Fund Managers

Our in-depth knowledge of the fund management industry and the needs of our clients allows us to offer a comprehensive suite of services to fund managers who seek to raise capital. These services include marketing to a large network of professional and institutional investors, organization of roadshows and events, and much more.


In-House Investment Solutions

However, a key pillar of our business activity is the development, construction, and management of our in-house investment solutions, that primarily serve to preserve investor’s capital while at the same time providing attractive, absolute returns. We focus on genuine risk diversification through allocation to (relatively) liquid asset classes that are characterized by low correlation with each other. Our in-house investment solutions are accessible via innovative structures (AMCs, fund solutions).

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Sustainability (Ecological - Economic - Social-ethical)


We work with exceptional investment managers in the area of alternative investments, private equity and impact investing.
Our in-house investment solutions mitigate investment risk and preserve capital without foregoing attractive returns.
We are a success driven, independent and fully regulated firm to serve professional & institutional investors.
We provide managers access to a significant market network.
With RML Advisory, a manager can scale its business faster with less capital expenditures.
We provide our clients with holistic support and service throughout the life of an investment.
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