Using our wide depth of relationships in Switzerland and Continental Europe at RML Advisory  we aim to source investment funds and strategies - among others - that are developing an investment rationale nascent to the market and sometimes are involving new technologies.​  At the same time, we want to have evidence, that these managers can produce solid (risk-adjusted) returns in line with their investment thesis.

We typically source managers who can generate real alpha and are typically uncorrelated to long only beta strategies. Our strategies can therefore be used to both complement a portfolio of traditional core investments or as a separate investment strategy.

We primarily provide access to strategies which are registered in a stable and well regulated jurisdiction to provide additional security and comfort to our client base along with providing clear, concise, simple and transparent information in an objective and unbiased manner.​​

Some of these strategies can - depending on the nature and structure of a current portfolio:

  • help to reduce the overall risk.

  • help to provide a balancing of risk, return and investment horizon.

  • help to reduce the correlation to traditional financial markets.

  • help to maximize gains and profits on investment.

  • help to provide more stable returns and capital preservation.

  • help to create value.

Once selected, each strategy/product is continuously monitored for consistency in performance and investment style.

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