3 Fact Thursday, September 3, 2020

On September 2, we posted in our Blog that investors aren’t feeling confident about the stability of the stock market. We also provided some thoughts on what options investors could take if they were concerned about state of the equity market.

In addition, we referred to a video of Eric Dugan, Chairman and head portfolio manager of 3D Capital Management. In this video Eric explains why he is concerned about the stock market and he is referring to the Warren Buffet Indicator and in particular to the fact that the stock marked is more overvalued than ever.

Here are 3 facts:

  1. Managing Equity Market Risk Every Day Matters

  2. Risk Happens Fast

  3. The Best Way to Profit from a Falling Stock Market is to Short it

Today, we want to share an additional video in which Eric explains his views and the statements above backed by additional data.

In fact, we at RML Advisory believe that implementing a defense equity strategy will help investors to mitigate equity market risk in a very capital efficient way. It’s never too late to do!

For more information about 3D Capital’s unique investment strategy (successful 9 year track-record) please reach out to us.


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