Carlton James Diversified Alpha Fund

The Carlton James Diverisifed Alpha Fund is an unique Multi-Asset Solution. The fund is aimed to deliver absolte returns and to protect investors against catasrtopic macro-economic events.

The fund is designed to provide investors with results that exceed market expectations and create yield factors, while simultaneously protecting and managing against risk.

In each market that see losses, investors will see companies within those markets scramble to adjust their break even points and survive downturns. Investing in companies and markets to increase efficiency and in turn increase profitability is a key component of the success of the fund’s balance portfolio.

The investment matrix takes a triple layer approach to both returns and weighted diversification:

  1. The core layer drives the base return on a low risk asset backed profile.

  2. The alpha section of the fund seeks out the higher yields, utilising a low capital deployment ratio while leveraging the deal flow opportunities.

  3. The balanced layer allows for the periodic adjustment between the core and alpha segments in order to maintain a well-balanced risk weighted profile.

The security selection is based on diversification, sustainability, capital protection, return/yield, level of risk, exit strategies, and value generation

Top Strategies

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Technology

  • Sports

  • Media

  • Music & Entertainement

The fund’s indirect correlation to global markets allows the fund to avoid overnight losses.

The Carlton James Diversified Alpha Fund has outperformed S&P 500 During First Three Quarters of 2020.

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