Fact Check of the S&P 500 After US Presidential Election

One week after the US presidential election Eric Dugan, Chairman and Head Portfolio manager of 3D Capital Management, does some fact checking in the S&P 500. Here are three facts, data and evidence that stock market investors financial advisors and consultants may find helpful. One fact is obvious the other two maybe not so much.

3D Capital addresses the problem head on and manages the risk one day at a time. Days make up weeks, month and years and isn’t it ironic that the best way to protect the passive long-only equity investor is to actively manage the downside? The facts data and evidence make this clear and demonstrate its logical.

To learn more about the 3D Capital Management team of experts and how they can help you to protect your passive long-only equity allocation from declines in the stock market, please reach out to us. We are here to help.

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