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How Coworking Spaces Will Thrive Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives forever, and it seems that we are now forced to rethink the way we do things. However, instead of looking at this as a sanction, we might consider it an opportunity for a more sustainable existence.

Coworking may be one of the solutions that offer support to the businesses looking to recover after the recent events. It is pursued not only by freelancers, entrepreneurs and start-ups but also by larger organizations. Soon, it will be perceived as something completely normal.

Being part of a community helps you stay healthy 

Social isolation has affected our mental health, increasing the risk of anxiety and depression. It has also made us realize how important it is to be part of a community, including when it comes to our professional lives.

The decision to work in a shared space can be beneficial for a person’s mental health. It offers the chance to get out of the house and form connections with like-minded individuals.

Added flexibility for businesses

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to consider is that you are not responsible for the management of the respective space. Thus, you can enjoy the flexibility offered, using your time to concentrate on your business.

Within a shared workspace, everything one needs for work is already there. And that includes not only physical things but also the ones that matter for one’s mental health. As mentioned above, one can discover an established community, with people who belong to the same culture.

From a different perspective, it is worth mentioning that coworking spaces deliver a major advantage to companies. One can rent out of the needed space for a specific period of time, without being forced to sign a long-term lease.

This allows one to function and do what it takes to survive through a difficult time. When things get better and the company in question is planning on expanding, the terms of the lease can be changed to adapt its current needs.

High level of security

Shared workspaces guarantee a high level of security, with innovative solutions, such as door readers and smart locks, being used. Thus, one can control the flow of people coming in and out of the respective space, reducing the risk of transmission in case of an infection.

When it comes to access control for coworking spaces, you should know that the full mobile system is the most beneficial choice. Once everything is installed, one can unlock doors using the smartphone. You no longer have to use keys or a pass, eliminating the contamination possibility (through direct contact with the respective surfaces).

Social distancing & hygiene practice

Many companies have been forced to adapt their workspace, so as to follow the requirements of social distancing. It is no longer acceptable for employees to be crowded in a small space, which means that change is more than necessary.

Coworking spaces, as a general rule, have large floor plans. The layout is modular, allowing one to follow the new COVID-19 protocols. Moreover, it is easier to respect hygiene practices in such a space.

Coworking spaces facilitate remote working 

In the past, businesses were averse to remote working, demanding their employees to work on-site instead of working from home. Today, as they struggle to stay afloat, they welcome this solution and even consider it on a long-term basis.

Coworking spaces facilitate remote working, allowing people to get their dream job, despite being far away. Companies are now on the lookout for spaces that can be used to this purpose, as they have realized flexibility is a must in today’s world.

Given the obvious benefits, it is safe to assume that the demand for coworking spaces will only increase in the future. More and more companies show an interest in them, as they are looking for innovative solutions to keep their business alive and protect their employees at the same time.

These spaces will thrive because they offer exactly what is needed at the moment, meaning flexibility in a world that keeps changing by the minute. What will work for the future? We cannot be sure exactly but we are confident that shared workspaces fit the list of prospective options.

Source: By NuWire

RML Advisory Investment Option: NAO Group

Nao Group is a commercial property developer striving to be at the forefront of the rapidly evolving coworking and shared office space market.

Since launching in 2016, the company has successfully launched four offices and now has over 500 members across all locations.

While Nao Group sources, acquires and develops the coworking properties, the buildings are operated under the companys coworking brand, Areaworks. The Areaworks brand represents the value proposition of being truly open – open in space, open in attitude, and with an open atmosphere of innovation and collaboration. This mindset is at the core of the Areaworks brand; however, Nao believes in customising this value proposition to meet market demands and present a strong entry and dynamic presence in any new market. This is a differentiator in its own right and one way in which Areaworks stands out from the crowd. Through Nao's adaptable coworking brand, Nao Group’s coworking units tick three essential boxes for its members: creative spaces, multi-service provision and value.

The Bond

  • Asset-Backed & Secured against Nao Group’s property assets (tangible assets).

  • 5 years term with a three-year redemption offering to accommodate the shorter investment strategy.

  • 8.25% Coupon p.a., paid quarterly

  • Listing: GEM Ireland

  • Minimum Investment: 10,000 US-$

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