Nao Group - Commercial Property Development

Nao Group is a commercial property developer striving to be at the forefront of the rapidly evolving coworking and shared office space market.

Utilizing the senior management team’s vast experience in the property sector and solid operational intelligence, the firm has set a course to deliver a coworking experience that today’s entrepreneurs and SMEs will truly embrace. In the process, Nao is creating environments for better productivity and health. To support the firm's growth, Nao is seeking to raise funds through the launch of our corporate Bond, which offers a broad range of investors the opportunity to gain exposure to the fastest growing property sub-sector globally.

The funds raised will be used to support company growth while offering a broad range of investors the opportunity to gain exposure to the fastest growing property sub-sector globally.

Since developing the strategy and launching in 2016, Nao has raised over $10 million from institutional and HNW investors. This enabled the firm to plan, source, fit-out and launch its first offices, both of which opened in 2017. In 2018, Nao successfully launched two additional London sites and now has over 500 members across their locations. With innovation and passion at the heart of what they are building, Nao is confident with its next steps. In 2019 they have opened locations in Farringdon and Stratford and with several other buildings in the pipeline, the opportunity to accelerate Nao's offering and presence is imminent.

Whilst the coworking model is flourishing, as modern businesses seek working environments that cater to the needs of millennials, Nao's market research indicates that the majority of operators are not delivering a product that truly strikes a chord beyond cost. Nao Group is changing the coworking landscape by offering services that help entrepreneurialism and wellness to flourish in the same environment. To deliver on the firms growth ambitions, they are targeting prime city areas, but simultaneously focusing on areas outside of traditional city center locations - those which are attracting new businesses and mixed-use developments. These areas are proving attractive due to their lower costs whilst workers can avoid longer commutes into the city center.

The company has set itself a target of acquiring 30 buildings over the next 7 years, with a focus on the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific. This strategy will enable Nao Group to achieve an estimated company valuation in excess of $650 million.

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