ReOil - Tire Recycling Pyrolysis

ReOil has the only full-sized commercial continuous operational plant with proven European technology that is producing and selling valuable recycled commodities.

Proven Technology: The company has the only continuous commercial operational pyrolysis plant in Europe with a throughput of up to 20,000 ton of tires per annum producing a gate fee for the tires, Pyrolysis Oil, Recycled Carbon Black (rCB) and Steel.

Proven Profitability and Product Sales: Income in 2020/21 up to €8,000,000 per annum when upgrades completed.

The 20,000 ton plant has two production lines which enables maintenance to be carried out whilst keeping production year round at over 7800 hours per annum.

Its end product sales are with Investment grade counterparties. The company has gate fee (on take) agreements for the tires as well as off-take and merchant agreements for the recycled commodities it produces.

Investment structure and proceeds are made under the principles of the Bloomberg Green Bond framework.

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