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Quantumrock is a Munich based  artificial intelligence investment technology asset manager with additional offices in Paris, London and New York.  AI and machine learning are reshaping the financial sector fundamentally, with capital markets professionals overwhelmingly seeing it as the most potentially disruptive technology in the coming 3–5 years. The Quantumrock Volatility Special Opportunities Program (VSOP) has already demonstrated its alpha generating capability, outperforming European and US equity markets, in high and low volatility times. VSOP gives an effective intraday and short-term tail hedge through situative
long VIX exposure, without the usual costs of such a program, while generating positive returns through its long equity bias during bullish market phases.

One of the fastest growing high technology asset managers. Pure AI focus through an advanced proprietary machine learning technology platform and fully automated trading.

The AI-driven systematic investment process continuously optimizes all relevant trading parameters; signal generation and order execution are fully automated ensuring that the program efficiently switches to a directional long volatility profile, ratio hedging its long equity exposure and generating alpha. 

The VOSP  has delivered the highest Sharpe Ratio relative to equity markets since July 16, 2020 and on a 12-month basis.

Traded products are VIX Index Futures, Equity Index Futures and Treasury Futures.

  • Luxembourg Domiciled UCITS

  • Managed Accounts

  • Certificate (via dbSelect)

  • Investment Currency: US$, EUR

  • Liquidity: Daily

  • Minimium investment:

    • Institutional Share Class US$/EUR  2,000,000

    • Retail Share Class: 1 share

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