RML Global Alternative Smart Alpha AMC 

The RML Global Alternative Smart Alpha AMC is an Alternative Multi-Strategy Investment Solution with a focus on Absolute Returns and a Market Neutral Bias.


Allocations are made to several, by RML Advisory carefully selected managers, who pursue 14 different underlying strategies (excl. cash). The portfolio consists of both Directional and Market Neutral strategies (ratio about 35:65). Directional strategies consists of Global Macro and Equity Strategies (Long/Short Equity, Sector Equity). The Market Neutral part of the portfolio consists of Global Fixed Income- and Relative Value Strategies.


The portfolio anticipates to have low to zero correlation to long-only equities and bonds. The portfolio offers downside protection combined with attractive absolute returns. 

The RML Global Alternative Smart Alpha AMC is expected to be launched in the course of Q2 2021.

Broadly diversified portfolio through investments in multiple and  thoroughly selected alternative investment strategies and  managers.

14 different underlying investment strategies (exclusive cash).  Asymmetric return profile.

Portfolio construction with a focus on achieving downside protection and an optimal risk/reward profile. Low to zero correlation to long-only equities.

  • Return Target: 7%- 10% p.a., annualized net

  • Stucture: "AMC", Actively Managed Certificate

  • Own SPV ("special purpose vehicle")

  • No traditional issuer risk

  • Swiss custodian and paying agent

  • Monthly liquid (in & out) with 10 days of notice. 

  • Minimum investment: USD/CHF 25,000