RML Sustainable Value Creation and Impact Investing AMC

The RML Sustainable Value Creation and Impact Investing - Actively Managed Certificate is a diversified, private debt investment solution in the area of sustainability/impact investing.


The strategy provides access to proprietary sourced private credit/-debt and liquid sustainable equity strategies with an absolute return goal of 5% to 7% p.a. (net of fees and over the life cycle). Human oversight is built into the process with a thorough investment due diligence and external compliance management. Portfolio construction with a focus on clearly understandable, sustainable projects that all achieve measurable social and environmental benefits and are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The desired social impact may relate to industry innovations, climate actions, affordable clean energy, responsible consumption and production, quality education, good health and wellbeing, etc.

The RML Sustainable Value & Impact Investing AMC is expected to be launched in the course of Q2 2021.

Investments are made in carefully selected first-class financing opportunities worldwide. The borrowing companies are leaders in their respective industries and regions from an environmental, ethical and economic perspective and have the best earnings prospects. In addition, for the sake of liquidity, the portfolio may allocate approx. 20 % to liquid sustainable equity strategies.

Diversification in terms of individual borrowers, sectors and business cases,
regions, maturities and SDGs

Attractive risk / reward profile 


Unique investment solution that combines the advantages and rationales of
impact investing in the form of private debt and liquid sustainable equity

  • Expected Return: 5% - 7% p.a. net of all fees and over the live cycle

  • Structure: "AMC", Actively Managed Certificate

  • SPV ("own special purpose vehicle") for each individual AMC

  • No traditional issuer risk

  • Swiss custodian bank and paying agent

  • Monthly Subscriptions, quarterly redemptions with 10 days of notice. 

  • Minium Investment CHF/USD 50,000

  • Investment Horizon: 3-5 years