Synthesis Analytics - Green Computing & Intelligent Heating Powered By Nature

Synthesis Analytics is a Swedish technology company that develops and produces Green Computing™ capacity, using next generation, energy effective, sustainable and carbon neutral approach. Synthesis Analytics capture and recycle the deployed energy into district heating enabled by its proprietary immersion cooling system. The computing capacity is delivered at the Edge where it is mostly needed through Synthesis Analytics modular EDGE1 solutions.

The capital will be used to generate a capacity of close to 83,000 integrated computing units (ICUs), which simultaneously allow a hot water output into the district heating system. The Edge Computing will be running on 100% renewable energy.

The global need for high performance and Edge computing is accelerating fast,  already consuming a big portion of the worlds available energy and there is an urgent need to deploy sustainable solutions.

Senior Secured Debt. Green bond and ICMA compliant.

Asset charge secured from the date of subscription on
the Swedish Real Estate valued by CBRE

  • Fixed Coupon 8.14 % p.a., paid quarterly

  • Minimum Investment: 100,000 (USD, GBP)

  • Listing: Frankfurt & Dublin

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